KOVODRUŽSTVO production co-operative in Žebrák since 1951

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Our History


KOVODRUŽSTVO, v.d. in Žebrák was established in 1951.
We deal first of all with metalworking, pressing, bending and forming tubes, metal plates and surface treatment with powder colours and others.

So far we have stayed faithful to our traditional production, which is small handling equipment (handheld utility carts, carts with bicycle connector and hand-trucks and carts for children (scooters and tricycles).

Some of our other products are sanitary program for equipping sanitary equipments, flower and clothing stands, rubber fastenings, small and accessory sport tools, necessities for small breeders etc.

For several years we have been a supplier of mobile holdalls and special carts for postmen and carts with bicycle connector for a significant swedish press distribution company.

Our co-operative is involved in production of parts for tram railway lines and other cooperative contracts.

At the beginning of 2014 thanks to a coincidence a cooperation with a designer within Czech Trade project (Design for competitiveness 2013-2014) got developed, in which the idea of reviving legendary former producing program - toy bicycle Blesk - was born. Even though only the usage of two-tubed supporting frame remained.

By developing new products other possibilities of different carts for children were found out, so the final product is a cart for children in 7 variations by using the same basic components - children's balance bike, 12” wheel, 16” wheel, tricycle, four-wheeler, chopper and scooter.

With this product we participated in and succeeded in competition “INNOVATION VD 2014”.

In the present we have been working on introducing a new program into the production.

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